Together for inclusion

Project Brief

Start Date:October 2019

End Date: : December 2022

Donor: NORAD

Partners: Save the Children Norway; Norwegian Association of Disabled; Puntland Disability Organisation network (PDON); Disability Aid Foundation (DAF)

Overall Aim

Persons with disabilities claim their rights, access services and exert influence on matters that affect their lives.

Specific Aim

The project aims to remove the barriers that exclude children living with disabilities from accessing safe, quality, and inclusive education. It will also contribute to and ensure that girls and boys with disabilities learn in and are supported by an inclusive and equitable quality education system in Puntland and Jubaland. The project plans to expand availability and accessibility to inclusive education services for children with disabilities as result of improved learning environment, advocacy, governance and evidence-based management of inclusive education at all levels (school, district, regional and national).

Project Goals

To contribute to persons with disabilities and their families in Somalia claiming their rights, accessing services and exerting influence on matters that affects their lives

To contribute to Somalia girls and boys with disabilities being able to learn in and be supported by an inclusive and equitable quality (formal and non-formal) education system.

Strengthened capacity of education institutions, administrations and systems.

Target Group

The primary target group for this project are women, men, girls and boys with disabilities and their representative organisations (DPOs), which will play a central role in the proposed project

The secondary target groups are government ministries at regional and national level, regional administrations, CSO networks, communities, and teachers. The project will target 21 schools in Puntland and Jubaland.