Building Community Assets and creating safety nets

ADRA under the Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) implements drought recovery livelihoods, food security and resilient projects aimed at building community assets and creating safety nets which enables the beneficiaries to withstand the effects of recurring disasters in Somali. Specifically, SomReP and its partners contribute to building resilience based on three key capacities in households and communities namely:

1. Absorptive capacity: the ability to minimize exposure to shock and stress through preventive measures and develop appropriate coping strategies to negative impacts;

2. Adaptive capacity: the ability to make proactive and informed choices about alternative livelihood strategies based on the understanding of the changing conditions, risks and opportunities;

3. Transformative capacity: the governance mechanisms (both formal and informal) and community networks that provide an enabling environment for the management of community


Our approaches include introduction of innovative technologies and skills that build on communities’ indigenous technical know-how, value addition and marketing chain development; interdiction of modern farming practices and conservation agriculture, rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure; drip irrigation; solar water pumps; animal husbandry; capacity development training on farming techniques; mobilization of social capital through development of farmers association and cooperatives

Strategic Aim

Promote sustainable food production strategies for vulnerable households.

Enhance the community capacity to adapt technologies and practice sustainable livelihoods.


44,475 lives

In 2019, our Livelihood and Development sector impacted 44,475 lives through implementation of drought recovery, livelihoods, food security and resilience project aimed at building their community assets.

Current Projects