Project Brief

Duration: 3 years (2019-2021)

Donor: European Union and SIDA

Partner: Somali Resilience Programme (SomReP)

Project Location

Las Anod District, Sool Region

Target Group

Villages: 12

Population: 20, 295

Group: agro-pastoralists and pastoralists

Project Goal

Sustainably improve food security and livelihood and build resilience of the 12-targeted villages in Las Anod, Somaliland

Project Outcomes

1. Enhanced risk management and disaster preparedness through community action and contingency planning in targeted villages;

2. Enhanced food security and capacity to meet social needs through sustainable cash-based assistance mechanism and improved access to social capital in the targeted villages;

3. Enhanced livelihood diversification for household women, men and youth in targeted villages through the restoration and protection of productive assets, value chain, and the uptake and adoption of agricultural technology;

4. Enhanced management and governance of natural resources including soil and water systems to support sustainable pastoral livelihoods in the target village.

Project Approaches

1. Empowering communities and supporting community groups such as Village Development Committees (VDCs); Early Warning Early Action Committees (EWEACs); Village Saving and Loans Association (VSLAs); and Water Management Committees (WMCs) in effective and sustainable community development and contingency planning including restoring productive assets and social protection mechanisms;

2. Capacity building and support to government agencies and line ministries to effectively work with communities to enable them respond to the current drought and prepare for future hazards and to enhance management and governance of natural resources;

3. Enhancing livelihood restoration and diversification for pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and peri-urban populations through adoption of agricultural technologies, livestock support, value chains, entrepreneurship and marketable skills and access to financial facilitative instruments.