Learning on the go (LOGO)

Project Brief

Project start date: January 2020

Project end date: December 2020

Donor: ADRA International

Project Location

Sahil Region, Somaliland

Project Outcomes

Outcome 1: Increased access to quality NFE programs for pastoralist children

Outcome 2
: Improved performance of NFE teachers through provision of pedagogical training.

Outcome 3
: Improved delivery, management and coordination of NFE interventions for pastoralists

Expected Benefits

The LOGO Project will enhance access to education for 5,500 nomadic pastoralist children (60% girls) aged between 8 – 14 years in rural Somaliland through provision of mobile non-formal education training. The children will be trained on numeracy, literacy and life-skills, and the training will be delivered in an inventive and flexible way adapted to the nomadic pastoralists context and way of life

Project Milestones

Milestone 1: Milestone 1: 5,500 learners (60% girls) trained on numeracy, literacy and life-skills.

Milestone 2: Pedagogical skills training provided for ten (10) community teachers.

Milestone 2: Ministry of Education Department of Non Formal Education (NFE) strengthened to manage NFE interventions for pastoralists.