The “Kitchen’s” Project


The ongoing “Kitchen” project is a 4-month emergency intervention implemented by ADRA and is targeting vulnerable drought-affected poor host community and IDP households in Galgaduud State of Somalia. The project is being implemented in 10 schools spread out in Mudug and Galgaduud regions of Galmudug State. The Kitchen project which mainly supports children is composed of school feeding program which is meant to support vulnerable drought-affected learners.

The project’s goal is to save lives and reduce suffering for populations affected by drought through relief interventions. Thus far, the program has been able to reduce suffering for 2,231 schoolchildren (1,015 boys and 1,216 girls) affected by drought in Galmudug State. The vulnerable learners in 10 schools are being supported with a school feeding program for 4 months during which time, approximately 14.08 MT/month (or total of 64.75 MT) of food commodities was provided and prepared for all learners. The food rations consisted of rice, beans and 276 m3 of safe water (emergency water supply for drinking and cooking) provided to the schools to support the school feeding program.

Why is KITCHEN Being Implemented?

Thousands have been displaced following the recent unending drought across Somalia, the drought has also led to loss of lives and livestock’s which turned many families to poverty. ADRA Somalia is implementing the “KITCHEN” project in Mudug and Galgaduud regions to keep children in school. The drought has seen many learners dropping out of schools due to hunger and like of food to keep them in school. We therefore initiated a 4-month program which saw 2231 learners benefiting from it. ADRA’s intervention comes through to safeguard the vulnerable children and youths in school and ensure their well—beings protected, and that they engage in lifesaving learning that promotes social cohesion and resiliency.

What Has ADRA Done to Address These Challenges?

ADRA’s intervention has seen 2,231 learners (1,015 boys and 1,216 girls) in 10 schools spread out in the Galmudug state. These schools gained support for a duration of 4 months with full feeding programs. ADRA’s role was to promote education crisis by keeping all learners in school through these feeding programs.