Maryan Omar Mohamed had always dreamed of going to school, just like the other children in her community. However, as a learner with hearing impairments , she faced many challenges when it came to accessing education. Her family, who lived in a remote part of Somalia, struggled to find resources and support for Maryan’s special needs.

That was until ADRA Somalia stepped in with their Together for Inclusion project (TOFI). The project aimed to help special needs learners, like Maryan, by providing them with the resources and support they needed to succeed in school.

Maryan’s family couldn’t afford to send her to school, let alone to a school that catered to her special needs. However, with the help of ADRA Somalia, Maryan was enrolled in Beder Primary School with the full support of her family. Maryan was excited to start her educational journey, but she was also nervous about how she would fit into a school where she knew no one. She was also worried about how the other children would treat her, especially because of her special needs.

However, from the first day of school, Maryan felt welcomed and supported by the teachers and other staff at Beder Primary School. They made sure she had access to all the resources she needed to succeed, including a sign language interpreter, textbooks in sign language, and a special classroom for deaf learners.

Maryan gained a tremendous amount of confidence and self-esteem during her time at Beder Primary School. Despite facing challenges with communication, she was able to make friends and build strong relationships with her classmates.

Maryan Omar at her school, Beder SNE Primary School in Kismayo

Maryan’s mother was overwhelmed by the support given to her daughter by ADRA Somalia. She expressed her gratitude by saying, “I am grateful to ADRA for the support they have given to my daughter. It has completely changed her life. Before ADRA’s intervention, Maryan was often left out from community events, and she struggled to communicate with her peers. Now she is excelling at school, and her confidence has grown significantly.”

Her mother also shared how proud she and her husband are of their daughter’s achievements. “Maryan has come so far, and we are so proud of her. Seeing her excel academically and socially has given us hope for her future. We used to worry about her, but now we know that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. We are grateful to ADRA Somalia and to the teachers at Beder Primary School for their role in helping our daughter succeed.”

Maryan’s story is a testament to the power of inclusive education and the importance of supporting learners with special needs. By providing the necessary resources and support, learners like Maryan can succeed and become valuable members of their communities.