Our strategic objective on energy is aimed at enhanced livelihoods of communities in Somalia through inclusive promotion of energy alternatives for household and commercial use. Strategically, ADRA integrates renewable energy technologies into social and economic activities, commercialization and creating linkages to the regional/national grid.

Key Lessons Learnt

  • The need for technical due diligence after installation of equipment to assess correctness and robustness of installation.
  • The need for participatory and inclusive approaches in site selection and project implementation.
  • The need to build capacity of the community and markets in order to ensure locals take charge of their development.
  • The need to use cross-sectoral approaches and partners in project delivery. The latter ensures that emphasis is on energy service and not energy per se.

We intend to ensure scaling up of energy access on a nationwide level and to also involve other government and relevant stakeholders (state and non-state actors’ approach). Further we, propose to create a knowledge and information portal where information and documentation will be shared on energy work being done by other organisations can be shared. This will prevent duplication of efforts and allow more targeted programme approach.


  • Promote awareness on alternate energies for rural and peri-urban communities.
  • Expand access to alternate energy targeting domestic and commercial end users in rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Enhance stakeholder’s capacity to manage energy programs.