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This consultancy aims to ensure that representatives of groups responsible for education and welfare of children (teachers, CECs, MoE) receive training to improve their skills and knowledge on GBV, CP and PSS in order to increase their understanding of what constitutes abuse and exploitation; how to identify children going through violence and support the needs of GBV survivors. The assignment also aims to increase access of women and excluded groups to information, facilities and services on mental health and psychosocial support in the COVID-19 context.


To impart trainees with operational knowledge and understanding of key practices on case management and counselling services for GBV and PSS based on international norms and standards. At the end of the training, the 20-30 participants from the different schools and agencies (teachers, CECs, MoE and ADRA) should be equipped to train others within their respective organization/agencies. The training will focus on how to work with GBV and PSS victims, counselling skills, as well as identification of GBV and PSS victims.

Specific objectives/Tasks

Specifically, the training will develop a training manual on PSS and GBV prevention and response. The training curriculum will be guided by Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) guidelines on Mental Health and Gender-Based Violence and all international framework on women’s rights including the Declaration on the “Elimination of Violence Against Women” and other relevant mechanisms in use at national level in Somalia.

The consultant will use both quantitative and qualitative research methods in collecting needed data and information to gain a deeper understanding of the nature/pattern and trends of sexual gender-based violence and approaches to develop the training package. A concise questionnaire will be used to collect quantitative data while focus group discussions, anecdotal evidence, life stories and case studies will provide qualitative information;

Summary of Key Deliverables: In reference to the scope of work above, the consultant is expected to lead and accomplish the following:

  1. Undertake survey and training needs assessment for the participants to be trained.

  2. Develop interactive and detailed training modules/training session plan and all accompanying background material for the delivery of the training workshop on capacity building of teachers, MoE and ADRA on prevention of and response to violence against women.

  3. The training workshop shall include components on inter-sectoral collaboration and coordination of various sectors in providing response and ensuring effective prevention coordination, provision of support to victims, mediation and communication skills. The training workshop shall also include detrimental effects of gender-based violence on women and girls-, short- and long-term consequences (educational achievements, productivity, mental and psychological health) and gender sensitivity.

  4. Deliver training to teachers, CECs, MoE and ADRA on GBV and PSS prevention and response. The training should cover the identification and detection of victims/violence, reporting and response.

  5. As part of the training, deliver the training guidelines in addition to content and tools.

  6. Develop training report (max. 30 pages) outlining the main opportunities, challenges and way forward. The report should include recommendations for further addressing of violence against women and girls by various service providers including Government, LNGOs and INGOs among other key agencies.

  7. The consultant will be expected to also: Submit a detailed work plan for the consultancy period inception report and a training manual that covers topics including but not limited to protection, GBV prevention and response, basic case management and psycho-social skills, training skills, advocacy and coordination skills.

Qualifications of the Consultant

  • Advanced University Degree in law, gender, development studies, international relations or other related disciplines.

  • Excellent knowledge of Gender Based Violence prevention and response programming

  • Demonstrated experience mainstreaming good practices on Gender Based Violence and Gender across the programming and practices in government, humanitarian organizations and communities/schools.

  • Excellent and demonstrated understanding of Child Protection and ethical issues in programming

  • At least 3 years’ experience in gender sensitive programming

  • Familiarity with international standards and policies related to GBV including IASC GBV Guidelines.

  • Demonstrated experience in the development of training curricula and solid understanding of adult learning principles.

  • Fluency in Somali language is a mandatory requirement for this consultancy.


The assignment will be conducted during the month of February 2020. The consultant will be required to submit a technical proposal indicating the number of days and rate for the consultancy work with a realistic action plan. As a guideline, the breakdown should consist of inception phase, pre-training workshop preparation (training needs assessment, training manual), training workshop and reporting phase (training workshop report and final training manual).

Terms and Conditions

  • Logistics: The consultant’s travel from base to the field and back after the end of the contract will be covered by ADRA.

  • Professional fee: The consultant will propose the professional fee as part of their financial proposal. (Daily rate X number of days=Total professional fee).

  • Tax and insurance: The consultant shall be responsible for their income tax and/or insurance during the assignment.

  • Code of conduct: The consultant is bound by the principles and conditions of ADRA’s Code of Conduct.

A contract will be signed by the consultant upon commencement of the assignment which will detail additional terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables.

Application Requirements

All expressions of interest should include:

  • Cover letter: A short (maximum three pages) letter addressing the criteria.

  • Detailed curriculum vitae

  • Technical Proposal (maximum seven pages) interpreting the understanding of the TOR, detailed methodology of executing the task, as well as draft work plan.

  • Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees excluding: accommodation and living costs; transport cost; stationeries, and supplies needed for the training as well as costs to be incurred by trainees. The financial proposal should also provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees related to the consultant.

More information on the terms of reference to be downloaded HERE

Application Submission

Applications for this consultancy should be emailed to the Human Resource Manager using the email by COB 21st January 2021 with “Expression of Interest for GBV-PSS ToT Training”  in the subject line.