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Save the Children (Lead) and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) are presently implementing the ECHO EiE project which aims to increase IDP children’s access to quality, protective education and build resilience of children affected by displacement due to disaster and conflict in Jubaland, Hirshabbelle and South West States of Somalia. Access to quality education will be facilitated by addressing identified barriers such as societal gender norms, financial constraints, fear of attacks on education and distress endured by the upheaval from both conflict and disaster.

Participation is a fundamental human right, which affirms children as rights holders entitled to demand their own rights. The CRC defines children’s participation as the rights to expression, information, involvement in decisions, and association (among others). By exercising and enjoying their participation rights, children are better able to develop, to survive and to be protected. As a consequence, children’s participation has to be a fundamental part of any strategy to achieve children’s education, health and protection.

Child participation must be authentic and meaningful. It must start with children and young people themselves, on their own terms, within their own realities and in pursuit of their own visions, dreams, hopes and concerns. Promoting meaningful and quality participation of children and adolescents is essential to ensuring their growth and development. Children have proved that when they are involved, they can make a difference in the world around them. They have ideas, experience and insights that enrich adult understanding and make a positive contribution to adult actions.


ADRA Somalia is seeking Expression of Interest from qualified candidates to train school heads, teachers and management committees’ knowledge and skills on the broader concept of child friendly schools where teachers and all staff strive to meet the emotional, social and physical needs of all children.

In particular, the training will be aimed at achieving the following specific objectives:

  1. Understand the meaning and types of child-to-child clubs

  2. Understand the importance of these clubs

  3. Establish school clubs in their respective schools

The assignment will target head-teachers, teachers and CECs from the 15 schools being targeted by the program in Kismayu District, Lower Juba Region of Somalia.

Specific objectives/Tasks

a) Phase 1: Needs Assessment/FGD with School Children (6 days)

Conduct a needs assessment/FDG with school children which will cover the key areas which broadly defines the framework of establishing child to child clubs in schools:

  1. Understanding the importance of child to child clubs

  2. Aims and objectives of child to child clubs

  3. Which kind of clubs would learners be interested in?

  4. Activities which learners would like to see in the clubs

  5. Mapping out the availability/non-availability of clubs in the 15 target schools.

b) Phase 2: Development of Training modules (5 days)

  1. Based on the findings of the needs assessment/FDGs, develop training modules to train head-teachers, teachers and CECs on establishment of school clubs from the 20 schools being targeted by the program in Kismayu and Afmadhow Districts, Lower Juba Region of Somalia.

c) Phase 3: Conduct Capacity Building Trainings on Establishment of School Clubs to head-teachers, teachers and CECs from the 15 schools being targeted by the program in Kismayu and Afmadhow Districts, Lower Juba Region of Somalia. (15 days)

  1. Conduct capacity building training on establishment of school clubs

 d) Phase 4: Compile Training Workshop Report (4 days)

  1. Develop training workshop report with annexes.

Qualifications of the Consultant

  1. Post-graduate or graduate studies in clinical psychology or related topic

  2. Good technical knowledge on child protection and child rights issues in line with UNICEF/INEE standards.

  3. At least 3 years of previous experience in providing services to displaced populations, migrants, refugees or conflict affected populations.

  4. Demonstrated experience in the development of training curricula and solid understanding of adult learning principles.

  5. Fluency in Somali language is a mandatory requirement for this consultancy.


The assignment will be conducted during the month of January/February 2021. The consultant will be required to submit a technical proposal indicating the number of days and rate for the consultancy work with a realistic action plan. As a guideline, the breakdown should consist of inception phase, pre-training workshop preparation (training needs assessment, training manual), training workshop and reporting phase (training workshop report and final training manual).

Terms and Conditions

  • Logistics: The consultant’s travel from base to the field and back after the end of the contract will be covered by ADRA.

  • Professional fee: The consultant will propose the professional fee as part of their financial proposal (Daily rate X number of days=Total professional fee).

  • Tax and insurance: The consultant shall be responsible for their income tax and/or insurance during the assignment.

  • Code of conduct: The consultant is bound by the principle and conditions of ADRA’s code of conduct.

  • A contract will be signed by the consultant upon commencement of the assignment which will detail additional terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables.

Application Requirements

All expressions of interest should include:

  • Cover letter: A short (maximum three pages) letter addressing the criteria.

  • Detailed curriculum vitae

  • Technical Proposal (maximum seven pages) interpreting the understanding of the TOR, detailed methodology of executing the task, as well as draft work plan.

  • Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees excluding: accommodation and living costs; transport cost; stationeries, and supplies needed for the training as well as costs to be incurred by trainees. The financial proposal should also provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees related to the consultant.

More information on the terms of reference to be downloaded HERE

Submission Requirements

Applications for this consultancy should be emailed to the Human Resource Manager using the email by COB 21st January 2021, with “Expression of Interest for Child Club Training” in the subject line.